History. Pedigree. Legacy

A 4-decades long commitment to the best in Youth football.

BPR was formed back in 1978 when local men Alan Morgan and Colin Maxey gathered together a group of boys of mixed ages, united in the desire to play football. For the first year they played a series of friendlies at Bedford Park, which gave rise to our name.

The following season saw a team of Under 12s kick off in a local league and the seeds were sown for a 4 decades long passion for youth football in the Borough and beyond that continues to go from strength to strength.

Over the years BPR teams have competed in leagues, tournaments and cup competitions across the region and nationally, and have established themselves as contenders on the footballing map.

We foster a team spirit that spans all age groups, schools and the diverse communities across Bedford that creates lifelong friendships and leaves a lasting legacy that all those involved can be proud of.